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Greene & Greene Dining Table w/ 12-Leaves

Stock# DRCVGB50721442

This beautiful 72" Amish Greene & Greene Pasadena Dining Table w/12-Leaves is handmade skillfully by highly experienced Amish Craftsmen. Built out of individually hewn solid Pennsylvania Cherry Wood planks with beautifully placed ebony insets. This archetypal and timeless dining table is a hallmark to the contributions of the Arts & Crafts movement. You can take pride in owning furniture built to the highest standards and with strictest attention to detail. The detailed woodwork of this classic piece is of that seen in the Gamble House of Pasadena, California. In addition, this table is remarkably unique not only because of its indisputable antique design but because it is made from the hardest of all North American Hardwood.

This elegant and durable Greene & Greene Amish Dining table is sealed with a conversion varnish that protects this exceptional piece from water, oil, alcohol and even nail polish. Furthermore, every surface of it is softly smoothed and rounded to the touch without the sharp corners or edges. Note the heft and refinement of the table in addition to the revealing marks of the hand plane that was used to smooth it.

This outstandingly beautiful Greene & Green Dining Table is available to be custom made in a selection of woods and finishes. This stylish and timeless antique design Table is built to last you for generations and will be a welcomed addition to your Dining Room.

*Product picture may not reflect actual price. Please use pull down (when available) to determine your price. Colors and finishes may vary depending on your monitor.
72 / 216W x 30H x 50D
Product Weight:
375 lbs.


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